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Increasing Affordable Housing

I am running for office because Chatham, our town, faces a historic shortage of affordable housing. We can and we must do better at ensuring we do not price people out. 

Simple math will tell you all you need to know about our housing crisis. The median income for an individual in Chatham is 27,000 dollars. The median rent? 1,100 dollars a month . Over 12 months that is equal to 13,200 dollars - almost half of one's income. This is unacceptable. 

As your Town Board member I will fight for common sense policies that help create new, affordable housing stock. I will advocate for the release of federal funding for land lords and tenants who have struggled through this pandemic. I will always stand up for our working class community members who are struggling to keep food on the table and a roof over their head.  

Improving Rural Broadband

Access to reliable and fast broadband is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity. As your Town Board member I will make connecting every resident with reliable broadband access a priority. 

With the support of our State and Federal partners we can bring high speed internet access to every Chatham resident while maintaining our rural character and a balanced town budget. We should not have to choose between accessing the internet or living in a rural community. 

Combating Poverty & Food Insecurity

There is absolutely no reason any of our community members should be experiencing poverty and food insecurity. As your Town Board member I will take a principled and firm stance on this issue. I will cast my votes and make my considerations always keeping in mind that we can be doing more for those who need help the most. 

I will not leave any of our residents behind and I will work hard to ensure that a rising tide lifts all boats. 

Supporting Our Local Economy

We are lucky to have a vibrant and diverse local economy in Chatham. However, there is more we can do to support our local business owners and their employees. As your Town Board representative I will work hard to make sure our local business receive clear and regular communication from our local government. 

With the uncertainty of the winter ahead of us and the labor shortage being experience across all fields, we need town board members who will be partners in supporting the local economy. I will work with our County, State, and Federal legislators to advocate for more support, directly to our local businesses as well as actions to incentivize increased labor market participation. We cannot leave our local businesses behind as we move out of this pandemic.

Preserving Our Environment

One of the biggest threats facing our town, county, and country at this moment is climate change. We don't have time for more studies. We don't have time for inaction. To preserve Chatham's environment we cannot wait for State or Federal action. We have to take action right here at the local level to ensure Chatham remains the healthy and livable town that it has always been. 

As your Town Board representative I will make every decision with our climate and environment on my mind. I will prioritize policies that help empower individuals and local businesses to be environmentally friendly - without a burden on everyday life. I will use my position to lobby our state and federal leaders to take action as well. If we are going to ensure that Chatham remains livable for generations to come, then we have to work together. 

Proactive Governing

As a life long resident of Chatham I know that our local government can be made more accessible. As your Town Board member I will look for new ways to communicate and work with my constituents. I will work hard to meet you where you're at by holding events at local events, businesses, and going door to door. 

I will also dedicate my time to making our local government more proactive. Most local governments wait for issues to arise or come to them - instead of tackling the issues head on or before they arise. There is no reason that your government can't work for you.  While I listen to my constituents, I will take notes of what our town and community members need - then I will bring those issues to the Town Board. 

Supporting Our Seniors

Just like the next generation, our seniors do not deserve to be priced out of Chatham. It is unacceptable to ask our seniors to downsize in order to stay in Chatham. As your Town Board member I will ensure that seniors are not left our of any conversion - whether that is housing, social services, accessibility, or investment in our infrastructure. As a life long resident I hope to call this place home forever and so I hold enormous amounts of respect for those who have lived her for generations. 

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